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Версия season 3 Season 3 season3 BattlePass Season 4
Тип BattlePass Free BattlePass MuOnline 9999x Free Rewards Balanced Pvp Castle Siege Fun Server Professional Hot Spots
United States
Последнее обновление11 Oct 2021
Дата регистрации11 Oct 2021


Premium Pass is on its way !!So what exactly is a premium pass? A rank system that defines the character of the player according to the number of rists he made

rank can be seen in two ways: the first is by pointing with the mouse at a certain player and immediately the rank symbol will appear above his head and the name of the rank in which the player is (for example in the picture the player Brank Noob). The second option is by pressing the ALT key and pointing to a player - where many more details will open, including the rank symbol and the name of the rank in which the player is.In order to collect your prizes in passing each rank you are required to access the NPC relevant to the rank you passed (the NPCs are arranged from one rank on the far right to rank 22 on the far left). Enough space in the bag for all the prizes before reaching the NPC to receive all the prizes, if there is not enough space there is nothing to worry about the prizes will be waiting for you until you make room and return to the NPC.