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Статус Online
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Версия 1.19.4
Тип Multiplayer Survival Abilities Custom Items Datapacks Hard Server Hard
Расположение United States
Последнее обновление20 May 2023
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A SMP server with my datapacks Bee's Mobs, Artifacts, and Famine.

The Famine datapack focuses on making the game harder through multiple features, such as hunger being a very, very, big problem- which encourages players to work together to survive. Mobs get stronger deeper underground and other things- and mobs get stronger in general, including different types with different buffs.

Bee's Mobs focuses on adding new mobs to spice up variety and mob encounters.

Artifacts add items that can be obtained from killing mobs. The items, called Artifacts, give you passive buffs when equipped. You equip an Artifact by putting it in your top inventory bar.


All of these datapacks are far from finished- It is only me, Beezone, working on them, making it difficult to get a lot of content in each one. I try to add more content as often as possible to add more variety in gameplay.

For Artifacts and Mobs, I will be adding more content to these packs, more mobs and more artifacts. Adding more features to Famine would make things harder and probably annoying to some degree.

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Change Logs
07 May 2023

-Added two more artifacts- I won't spoil the surprise.

-Increased drop rate of Ninja Boots

Made other minor changes to Famine and Artifacts such as:

-Artifacts now have a chance to drop on kill instead of hit

-That's pretty much it yeah...