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Статус Online
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Версия 1.16.5
Тип Equestrian Equine Minigames Custom Gamemodes Horses Friendly staff Need Staff Discord Plots Roleplay
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Do you love horses and minecraft? Then Trot Away is the perfect server for you!

We are currently stil working on the server but help is appreaciated!

We have the following staff ranks : 

-Helper: a staff member that gives tours and helps people

*All these staff members below can give tours and help people*

-Teacher: a staff member that knows all the disciplines, can host all lessons, competitions and events.

-Breeder: a staff member that is in the lead of breeding horses, only breeders can do this.

-Builder: a staff member that builds things for the server.

-Moderator: A staff member that takew donation store payments, help set up regions and fully manage server businesses, the staff team or disciplines. They can handle hard situations and can run big events

-Developer: A staff member manages the servers control panel. Theyre advanced at coding and add/fix/update plugins to keep the server smooth.

-Admin: A staff member that manage the staff team and the server, they make sure everything is going well. Its the highest rank possible for a player.

Owner: A staff memer that can do all of the above. They own the server. The server is owned by Peachy and Aven.

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Hello! We are in the need of an developer, a person that keeps the server running smooth! You can apply in this google form.