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IP-адрес сервера
Сайт piratelands.tebex.io
Discord Discord
Статус Unknown
Последний PingMonitoring disabled
Расположение Finland
Последнее обновление13 Jan 2023
Дата регистрации13 Jan 2023


Piratelands is a Minecraft Lifesteal SMP server that offers players a unique and thrilling experience. The server is known for its intricate economy system, and exciting combat system. One of the standout features of Piratelands is its Lifesteal plugin, which allows players to steal health from their enemies during combat. This adds an extra layer of strategy to battles, as players must not only focus on inflicting damage but also on protecting themselves from being drained of health. The server's staff is active and always ready to help players out. The community is friendly and welcoming to new players. The server offers a variety of activities and events, that keep the gameplay engaging and varied. With a thriving economy and a strong sense of community, Piratelands is a great server for players looking for a fun and challenging multiplayer experience.