ValhallaCraft SMP

IP-адрес сервера
Статус Unknown
Последний PingMonitoring disabled
Версия 1.19
Тип SMP Active 247 Community Friendly Mature Mature Staff Custom Enchants Fun
Расположение United States
Последнее обновление04 Aug 2022
Дата регистрации04 Aug 2022


The ValhallaCraft SMP has quickly become one of the most exciting SMP's in Minecraft. From the moment you join our server, you'll see that we truly have a one of a kind server. When you join, you'll instantly feel welcomed into the community by the flurry of "Welcome!" messages in chat. Everyone is super close knit for our size and loves helping new players. We typically average around 20-30 players online during the day and 10-14 online at night. So you'll never be alone!


Some things people say about our server:

• "This is one of the most organized SMP's I've ever played on"

• "I've been on other SMP's that have been running for a while, but they are no where near as nice as this one"

• "The staff on this server are so helpful"

• "Wow this is a really active server"

• "This server has the best economy I've ever seen"

• "Every day I come home and all I want to do is play on this server"

• "I've been in search of a server like this for a while. Some servers I cant last 5 minutes on, but I'm liking this one a lot"


Some of the features include:

• Graves

• One Player Sleep

• Dynmap

• Bounties

• Custom Enchants

• Proximity Chat

• A One Of A Kind Game Of Tag

• Pets

• DropHeads

• PlayerParticles

• Quests

• Shopkeepers

• Custom Heads For Building

• Posable Armor Stands

• And Many More!


We are constantly adding new features, like our brand new podcast ValhallaCast where we talk about all kinds of things server related and not! As we continue to grow we plan to add different types of servers and other things of the sort! I hope you decide to join our ever-evolving SMP!