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United States
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Oneblock Nation
Your oneblock experience starts here!

Java + Bedrock Clients supported!

What are we?
We are a newly created and thriving Oneblock Server.
We have created this server to allow both JAVA and BEDROCK users
to enjoy Oneblock Minecraft with other people.

What is "Oneblock?"
Oneblock is exactly how it sounds. You start off with
your own island. Or you can join someone elses!
Once you're on an island, there will be a center block, usually a
Grass Block to begin with. You mine this, over, and over again.
That's right, you mine it multiple times! This block will generate
random but infinite blocks based on your biome/phase!

What else is there to do?
We have plant of other enhancements and plugins for users
to use to make their lives easier or simply to give users
things to do.
Here's a small list of our features players
can experience on our server!
Custom Generators | We have custom generators
that can be placed on your island to generate a specific
theme of blocks. Current generators available: "Ocean"
Vote Ranks | We have over 15 different free vote ranks
for users to achieve over the months of playing. Each rank will grant either a reward or perk!
Yes, these ranks are free and only require you to vote for us! /vote
Spawners + Spawner Stacking | We have many spawners for
players to purchase on our server. Spawners can be stacked to reduce lag + save time and space!
Spawners will help users earn money overtime.
Keep-Inventory! | We have enabled keep-inventory in the Oneblock world!
This should save players their time and items!

We have so much more for you to come and experience, join us now!
We seriously cannot wait to have you!

Bedrock: - port: 19132
We currently only support 1.18.2!

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