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Discord Discord
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Статус Unknown
Последний PingMonitoring disabled
Версия 1.18.2
Тип Multiplayer Survival Economy Land Claim Player Warps Rankup Abilities Skyblock Vanilla Survival Semi Vanilla Creative
United States
Последнее обновление22 May 2022
Дата регистрации04 Apr 2022


Are you looking for an engaging experience in a server that isn't PTW? Something that will keep you entertained for hours on end?

Well look no further! DimensionCraft has loads of things to keep everyone entertained! From free unlockable ranks to other ways to play the game, there's plenty to keep all entertained!

Need more? Fear not! The team here at DimensionCraft work hard at adding new warps, arenas and builds for players to enjoy! With thousands of hours of building experience, we aim to provide the most intricate and explorable spawn that you've ever seen!

Interested in knowing what the server offers to you? Feel free to check out this list!

Among some of the basic things are:

-Multiple worlds - Getting bored with one way to play? Swap over to a different world! We have SkyBlock, vanilla, Our main SMP and creative!
-Set homes and claims - Start out with 3 sethomes (This includes home bed)
-RTP - randomly teleport in any world!
-Kits - unlockable through playtime and votes, kits can give you an edge on that next building project
-Claims - Keep your home safe from invaders! You have access to a kit claim you can use any time you need to protect your work
-Rewards system - Want awesome cosmetic and functional rewards just for playing? DONE!
-Free ranking system - Unlock more perks and abilities through playtime! Click the blue text to see list - to be updated
-Resource worlds - Never run out of supplies with resource worlds!
-Custom enchantments - From blast mining to silk chest axes, these enchants help improve your gameplay!
-Active staff - Don't worry about things taking too long to get fixed with our staff around!
-So much more - You really just have to log on to check out the rest!

Soon we will be opening adding a Hardcore world that resets once a week (resets deaths, not world), adding skyblock and adding a few minigames and arenas around spawn.

We have loads of new updates on the way and will continue to improve this server in everyway possible. Join us on the journey today!
Change Logs
08 Apr 2022

Just a quick update!

So far this week, we have made some big improvements on un-known bugs that we causing some major issues. Among those are the following:

Admin Shops in spawn, Teleportation center in spawn, First time spawn location, Access to kits and a few other small issues that popped up here and there.

We have begun some work on some further improvments as well, such as setting up the economy (which was surprisingly missed in the 4 month development of this server), add ChatBrawl to the server for an additional source of entertainment, Add (we've already started) more randomly generated buildings through out the main survival world and so much more!

SO: What can you expect for the future of HomelyCraft?

We, mainly myself, have some big ideas that we as a team will be working hard to make happen. We've already made some pretty neat features accessable early, such as Jetpacks and extra accessable worlds.... But that's only the beginning!

By December this year, we will have a fully fleshed out RPG based world for everyone to explore and enjoy! Included will be a main story line, side quests, more dungeons and custom bosses! As time progresses, more and more of these features will be previewable in certain worlds for donators of the server (and in certain cases, available to all players).

We look forward to the future of this server and hoope to see you there!

08 Apr 2022

We upped the player cap and increased the amount of ram the server is running on! Now you can enjoy a lag free-experience!