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Версия 1.8 1.19
Тип Skyblock 4Fun Active Abilities Player Ranks Ranks ALICE Dog 1vs1
United States
Последнее обновление16 Jul 2022
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Alice Palace,

Alice Palace has Skyblock, Kit-PvP, Duels, and more coming soon! Come play!!!


(It’s long)

Alice Palace Lore...

  One time, long ago, there was a kingdom called Alice Palace. Everything was normal in Alice Palace. The people were happy, everyone was having a great time, and there were little to no problems. But one day, Alice got a report from one of the guards. The guards burst through the door yelling, "Alice! There is an emergency, there have been two intruders that are terrorizing and stealing from the kingdom!" Alice was disappointed, her kingdom was in trouble. "Woof woof woofity woof," said Alice, translated that is, "Find them," Alice told the guards. Alice was not pleased, two peasants ruining her palace, not the Sunday she was hoping for.

  Later that evening, the guards came back with two people, no, not people, GUINEA PIGS!!! "Hello Alice," said the first Guinea Pig with a smirk on his face, "M-M-MR. GUINEA PIG! HOW DID YOU FIND MY KINGDOM!" Yelled Alice in surprise. "Why are you here?" Alice questioned, "We're here to take your kingdom for us, the Guinea Pig Palace!" Oreo said, "No! You can't, and you won't! Out of all of the times you have tried to do this, you've always failed," Alice finished, "TAKE THEM TO THE DUNGEON!" Yelled Alice.

   Quick information, Mr. Guinea Pig and Oreo were the evilest Guinea Pigs in the world, no, not the world, THE UNIVERSE! They wanted everything, from a nice car to a kingdom, they were the top art of NINJA PIGS, so they were basically unstoppable. No one has found their lair yet but they know it's not on Earth. Now back to the story.

   The guards were behind the Guinea Pigs so they both (in synchronization) did a double-back flip and now they were behind the guards. They knocked out the guards and took off. "GET THEM!!!" Alice barked and the other guards took off chasing after them, but Mr. Guinea Pig and Oreo managed to steal a car and drove away.

Four Days Later

   Two odd people dressed in a trench coat come to the palace with a 'gift', "Dear Alice, we have a gift for you outside your palace, we would appreciate it if you went and saw it," said the man in a deep voice, "Guards, go see and make sure it's not a trap," said Alice, "NO!, just you," said the man again, "Okay..." Alice said. As she started to leave her castle, the two Guinea Pigs jumped out of the trench coat and before the guards could say anything, they were all knocked out. Meanwhile, Alice went outside and saw a sign that said, 'Gotcha!' Alice RAN inside and looked to see Mr. Guinea Pig and Oreo sitting on the Alice Thrown. "Hello, Alice, I see you fell for our traps," Said Oreo, "GUARDS! GET THEM!" Alice yelled, "Don't worry, all of the guards are gone," Said Mr. Guinea Pig, "GET IN THE DUNGEON!" Yelled Oreo, "W-Wha, ME?!?!" Questioned Alice, "Yes, you," Said Mr. Guinea Pig. Alice was thrown into the dungeon by Mr. Guinea Pig. Can you save Alice Palace and release the Dog from her prison, find out at

   If you're playing now, you can find easter eggs for hints as to how to help. Thanks for reading, and while you're on the server do 



/kit welcome 

for help.




Server Version: 1.8-1.19+