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Версия 1.18
Тип Towny Jobs mcmmo PvE PvP Free Ranks
United Kingdom
Последнее обновление19 Jan 2022
Дата регистрации14 Nov 2021


What is DTMCraft?

DTMCraft was founded by DTM Panda after trying to create an hardcore survival series with DTM_ShadowSlayer now known as DTM_Roleplays, the series was gonna be done once per year but it never came to be due to every DTM member were busy with Roleplaying.

Time went on and I made a promise to DTM_Roleplay to create a server dedicated to her and so I did.

The Server was orginally called Mystic-Craft-Network but recently renamed to DTMCraft for easier to remember.

since then the server has been growing strong within 4 years in the making, it got released twice, one was back in Augest but due to the server dieing really quick, I went back into it and worked on it some more, I released the server for testers to test the game mechanics for any issues or bugs and try to balance the server some more back on the 13th October 2021 - the date this thread was created.

Why DTMCraft?

Well DTMCraft is nothing special to any other server, but give us a chance and hopefully you won't regret it, DTMCraft is an Towny Roleplay server bring some roleplay back to life within a towny world, we have a custom ready to be explored map waiting for some amazing talented builders to build some amazing structures or add some ruined look to all the towns that got abandoned by their owners.

DTMCraft provides a safe enviorment to all ages 13+ is the minium age to join my server. We also have 10+ hidden game mechanics that I will not share easily they are a mystery ready to be solved. We do however have 20 freeranks ready to be redeemed and more will come soon.

Where we Stand?

Server is open for everyone in "Open Alpha" expect bugs and issues that is yet to be fixed, I am only 1 person so I can't fix every issue.

if you want to check our progress then I reccomend you joining our discord