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👑 SkyCrown 👑

🏝️ 1.16.5 Skyblock 🏝️

SkyCrown is a newly founded Skyblock server. We are currently hosting a beta season/map and we have planned top keep this season/map opened as long as needed. During this season, bugs, issues and concerns will be addressed accordingly. We also will take in suggestions that are sent to us via our Discord Suggestions channel.

The following is a list of the bare minimum features that we have to offer currently:

PVP - We have two currently pvp arenas for you to use. One protects your inventory contents upon death, one does not.
Envoy Crates - One out of two of the PVP AREAS will spawn Envoy Crates every 1 Hour that can be redeemed for rewards in-game.

Mob Coins - Slay specific mobs to earn Mob Coins to redeem into items usch as Crate Keys, Ranks, Special Hoppers and so much more.

Special Hoppers - We have Special Hoppers that can improve the life of Slaying Mobs and Farming Crops.

Sell Crystals - Easily sell chest and hopper contents by using a Sell Crystal. These crystals will sell all sellable contents to the /shop automatically for you upon Right-Clicking a container.

Harvester Hoes - Harvest your crops with ease with our Harvester Hoe feature.

Auction House - Sell items to players using our in-game auction house.


There is so much more that we offer and cannot wait for you to come and join us with the information below!



Discord invite link is

Minecraft Server IP is

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