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Статус Online
Последний Ping18 minutes 55 seconds ago
Версия 1.17
Тип Bed Wars Bedrock Guilds Slimefun Player Shops Player Ranks Minigames Prison Skyblock Skywars
Последнее обновление04 Oct 2021
Дата регистрации10 Jul 2021


MoG Network is a subscriber's only server gone public.

The Nework consists of a survival server and a bedwars/minigames/Prison Mine/Skyblock server.
Survival has featured packed with Guilds, Slimefun, Jobs, trading system, chest shop, chat quizzes, u name it.
The 1.17 Prison Mine just released featured packed with Warzone,,50+ above Mines level,Custom Encahtns and many more.
Skyblock Coming Soon.
We believe in interaction with the players, so we host events for u every week or the other, and we respect your feedbacks.
Whether you are a survival player, or someone that likes playing with a content creator, or u just wanna chill out and play some minigames, there's something for everyone to do in MoG Network.


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