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Версия 1.16.5
Тип Adventure Faction Survival Peaceful Custom Biomes Custom Coded Custom Mobs Custom Bosses Survival Rpg Challenge
Последнее обновление27 Jul 2021
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AbyssalRelic Kingdom
We created this network prioritize on developing unique styles and customized features like no-other servers in Minecraft. We hope to deliver the most entertaining and best experiences to players. We are now finally introducing Kingdom. The updates will be posted in our discord. We hope we can expands our community having more people acknowledge our creation, growing the community as big as possible! We are serious and commit to grow this network and I hope you can be our long supporters
VERSION: 1.16.5
Discord :https://discord.gg/vb8A5NQ
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/342969709472761/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/abyss_relic?lang=en
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/abyssal.relic/



➥There are 3 layers. Upper layer, Deeper layer and Cursed layer. If you build too high up you'll get extremely hot, but if went too deep into caverns will be extremely cold as well. The layers took a major part into maintaining temperature system.


➥ Claim lands, build your base, prepare your defence with turrets, traps, and many more! Invade others to nominate their lands and be the strongest kingdom! It's just like Factions but more FUN!


➥There are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Seasons will change every 7 minecraft days. They will change the aspects of the gameplay in the world such as temperature, crops/plants growing conditions, meteorite, heatwave, blizzard, and many more!


➥We currently have 3 class. Miner, Farmer & Hunter. Each class have their own advantages on surviving their own ways. Miner will be able to mine new ores such as Belphite, Ruby & Phosphophylite, Hunter will be able to skin mobs in result obtaining custom loot to craft unique tools while Farmers are able to farm tomatoes, eggplants and many more!


➥Relics are superpowered items/tools to enhance or ease your survival experience. They are incredibly hard to obtain as they require various of relic fragments to craft. Plus they only can obtain it in the Abyss


➥In order to enter Abyss, you have to open AbyssPortal on bedrock within the cursed layer. Below the bedrock lies the Abyss. Think twice before you are entering the Abyss where you can only go back to overworld through campgrounds. So make sure you are geared up!

... and many more unique features! Join to explore everything we developed with our tears and sweats!