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Версия 1.16.x 1.16.5
Тип Towny Townywars Earth siege Crates Competitive Community Economy Cracked
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Welcome to Abelion Realm Network! Build your own empire with your friends and crush your nemesis in a siege war ⚔️ Be a myth, be a legend that will rule the world, or be your typical nomad trader that makes crazy amounts of money, recruit people all around the world, make decision that revolves around your town/nation, be the hero that protects everyone that comes in his way, or be the villain and do the exact opposite! Explore the map, be a myth buster, hunt supply crates, and solve the mystery of hidden portals that lead to different secret worlds where powerful ancient weapons are sealed and protected by powerful guardians! Or, just chill as a peacekeeper and build your own utopia in a 16k block-wide beautiful custom map 🗺️ Build. Expand. Conquer. Recruit. Make friends. Betray your friends. Punish your enemies. Nothing matters as long as you get on top!