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Версия 1.16.4 1.7 1.8 1.8.9 Latest
Тип Factions MCMMO Raid Grief Faction Survival Survival Kits Economy pvp
United States
Последнее обновление02 Aug 2021
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JujuCraft Classic Factions (1.8.x-1.17)


What We Offer:


✅ EULA compliant environment! (No P2W)
☕ 1.8.9 Classic Factions with Cross-client compatibility!
🐟 Custom Fishing and Dungeons to escape factions!
💸 Custom JujuSpawner Economy with SilkSpawners!
👑 Bi-weekly King of the Hill events!
🚨 Anti-freecam for fair raids!
💫 Genbuckets, Mob and Farm Chunk Collectors!
⚡ Particle Effects for in-game cash!

A Genuine, Classic Factions Feeling.

Being in the Factions game since 2013, after taking a 6 year hiatus we're back and ready to provide a better than experience we brought to the community from 2013, to 2015. We love listening to our community, and implementing features that make Factions more enjoyable for everybody. Please consider checking us out, and stay for awhile! Read more about us down below and get to know where we come from!
Here, your opinion matters - and we'd love to hear it!


We'd like to welcome you to JujuCraft Classic Factions. Running a 1.8 server with cross-client compatibility! You can join on any client newer than 1.8. We have always admired the competitive nature of Factions which is why we designed it in such a way to provide you with the best Faction experience. The JujuCraft Staff has been involved in the community since early 2013, with accumulating 2.7 million players out of the 5.5 million who played Minecraft during 2013 to 2016. Here, your opinion matters. Come conquer, build, and explore our server!

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