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Сайт Сайт
Discord Discord
IP-адрес сервера
Статус Unknown
Последний PingMonitoring disabled
Версия Latest 1.16.x
Тип pvp Land Claim Economy shop Survival modded
United States
Последнее обновление14 Jan 2021
Дата регистрации14 Jan 2021


Welcome to Bedrock SMP, we host a non lag server (PG-13) with great plugins so you can enjoy your time on our server. Some of our plugins include: Sitting, claims, an economy with a shop, /sell hand to make money, etc. We even have a discord and our own store so you can talk to your friends and show off your cool rank which includes a prefix and perms such as /nick /repair and even /kittycannon. If you ever need help on our server you can ask a staff member in-game or just make a support ticket on our discord server. We all hope that you come and bring your friends to play on our new server.