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Текущая картаrp_downtown_tits_v2
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Тип DarkRP casino luminaFX bitcoin zMiner Methlabs2 darkrp
United Kingdom
Последнее обновление06 Sep 2021
Дата регистрации09 Jan 2021


 💙Welcome to BonkRP!💙

We're a brand new DarkRP server with the aim to create a balanced and enjoyable experience for the community. with no reliance on VIP to earn money even just casual players have the chance for a fair experience,

We've got some of the most unique features, jobs, and most fun grinds out of any server! We're currently offering a bonus for our grand opening players because we know that one day SoulRP will become huge with the blood, sweat, and tears of work being put into it, come see for yourself, we've got some sick and exciting rewards for you all, wink.

We have some super high-end advertising planned in the near future, so these exclusive items will really pay off in the future, because some of them are incredibly fun.

with many different addons we strive for a unique, and intuitive time for everyone, from Casinos to bank robbing to growing you own weed and making meth there is many ways of producing a profit.

Don't feel like being in a life of crime? become a arms dealer or mine your way to success with Zero's Retro Miner or even make your own nightclub!

Our basing rules are fair. giving both raider and baser an equal playing ground, we know the feeling of raiding a base and feeling helpless in almost every single server, we've done our best to prevent it from happening!


Each Job has a purpose that encourages interaction with other players, making for an enjoyable experience that doesn't make you feel lonely, with fun jobs such as pet dogs, musicians and priests to more RP oriented jobs such as Bankers, Casino managers, SWAT and Mafia roles.

There is a wide variety to choose from and play how you want to play.

 ❓Additional information❓ 

The Server Interacts with our discord allowing users to talk and communicate on and off the GMOD server, we also have our own website ( where coupon codes, free cash and more are advertised or hidden as an easter egg.

Feel free to interact on our forums or maybe even purchace something on our store?






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