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Do you have a love of GTA 5 Roleplaying? Want to be someone else for the day, maybe a cop, a criminal, or a shop clerk? So do we, and that’s why we’re here! We have built our Nova RP server community by design to show care and respect for every member of our group, from seasoned gamers to those who are brand-new to the RP community. In our welcoming Nova RP community, we have created many unique opportunities for player interaction, such as group events and custom activities that players can choose to participate in, all at their own convenience. It’s all about balance, respect, and of course, the best GTA 5 RP experience possible.

What does our Community Offer?

- Friendly Staff that is helpful and very quick to resolve conflicts.
- Custom House script (Can create a custom house/business/warehouse with multiple interiors anywhere in city)
- Custom Whitelisted Jobs (Fueler, Airport Mech, Garbage Man, Pizza Boy, Tailor, Miner, Taxi, Fire dept, Amazon Truck Driver, Train Driver, Diver)
- Custom ********** that is Player Owned and Ran!
- Drag Races and Street Races (Bets/Pinkslips)
- Multiple Player Ran Dealerships 200+ Custom Cars (With showroom floor that gets changed by our in city Car Dealers every day)
- Mortgage/Finance System.
- 4 ***** which are very balanced between eachother.
- Working Phones (Mumble), Working Valet. Working Gun Attachments.
- Player Ran Businesses and Custom business options.
- Weekly Events ranging from Purge night to car events/shows.
- Crew Ability
- Court System
- Multi Character
- Custom Court House
- Much more to come in the future!

We are recruiting Mechanics/Leo's/EMS/Car Dealers, Lets see if you have what it takes!