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Версия Latest 1.16.x
Тип Bed Wars Murder Mystery Parkour Knockbackffa Hide And Seek ChaosMurder TNTRun Custom MiniGames Minigames Events
United Kingdom
Последнее обновление30 Oct 2020
Дата регистрации13 Oct 2020


We have been building a server for the last 6 months, and we would love to see you join and enjoy the environment we created! You as a player are very important to us, and we hope you have a fun, amazing, but above all interesting experience on our server in a good way. If you manage to find any bugs or exploits, please tell us. Our server is improving every day! Be sure to join our Discord to stay up to date on the latest news about the server and when people are coming online!

We have weekly updates!

Currently we feature minigames such as Murder Mystery, Bedwars, Hide and Seek, TNT Run and some custom-coded minigames we make ourselves, like Knockback Stick Arena or KBArena and different types of Parkour. Be sure to follow our news here and in our Discord to stay up to date with whats going on in The Hat!

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Change Logs
16 Jul 2020

-- Our first little update --
- There are two new upcoming Bedwars maps, which will probably be added in the beginning of August.
- Two new invisible mazes can now be done!
- I just finished our own little chat filter. I wouldn't necessarily say 'experiment with it', but if you see something silly in chat, you know what happened ;)

01 Sep 2020

Quick update
- Enjoy the new Bedwars lobby!
- We fixed a bug with the two invisible mazes, which can now actually be completed. Good luck with that...
- Murder Mystery is also getting a new map! Not quite done, but it is progressing quickly!
- Core (Murder Mystery) has been made a bit larger. Still a meme map, but it's a bit more fun now.

If you have any suggestions or bugs, you can always message me! :slight_smile:

08 Sep 2020

--- Back to School Update ---

- We have gotten a new gamemode: KB Arena. You can now join the Arena by typing /kb join, and leave it with /kb leave. It's a very simple free-for-all arena where your goal is to not get knocked off by anyone else. We plan to add more features to this gamemode in the future, such as statistics and a bigger map (already in progress :slight_smile: )
- Murder Mystery has gotten a new unfinished map, which can already be played. It will be finished in the future, but is already open to be tested.
- I am currently making a menu where you can select which minigame you want to play, so you don't need to walk to the portals every time!

Stay tuned for more! I am working on something big... :crystal_ball:

24 Sep 2020

Most of our staff is going on a little hiatus 26-8 to 28-8, so there won't be as much server activity as usual. There are things being planned though.
- Knockback Arena is nearly finished
- There is a new map upcoming for Bedwars :banana:
- Also Bedwars is getting a new lobby!

28 Sep 2020

We are now in 1.16.3!
I just upgraded the server. If you are experience any issues while playing, you can contact us in #📓-bug-report .

Also ChaosMurder is as good as complete. You can already play the gamemode in a map you might be familiar with.
In the lobby you can find ChaosMurder as one of our main gamemodes on the top floor.

The staff team is all very busy at the moment. This week I'm having two exams, and the same thing will happen to other in the coming weeks. If we don't seem as active as usual, it's because of that.

Also feel free to promote our server in any shape or form! We would greatly appreciate your help!

02 Oct 2020

ChaosMurder update

One step further to a fully functional gamemode!

ChaosMurder has received a pretty big update. I added 2 Neutral roles, which only play for themselves and I optimised the code. Also included are some bug fixes, so hopefully everything works as intended!

Currently on the agenda:
- Finishing ChaosMurder
- Adding new maps (one is already in progress, photos coming soon!)
- Inviting more players

See y'all around!

09 Oct 2020

Parkour Update

Pretty big update today! We have introduced a new way of parkour, probably never seen before in any server ever! Go into the parkour lobby and right-click one of the Villagers to join a Course. Test your Rocket Jumping skills and use the other gadgets to get to all checkpoints and eventually to the finish!

It's not like regular parkour, so if you didn't like that, or want to try something new and fresh, give it a shot!

- Added a custom-made Parkour gamemode
- Added Simple map
- Enabled sp(0_0)ky mode

Have fun!

16 Oct 2020

Another Small Parkour Update

I'm in a Parkour vibe, and as Parkour only had one map, I decided to double the amount of them, with now the first Medium map you can try and complete. It's a lot harder than the first map, so be prepared to fail numerous times... :smiling_imp:

This week has been mostly bug fixes and attracting new players, but you can expect new maps from us every week! Also maybe I should use that #👀-work-in-progress channel, because there is quite some stuff happening.
(about 4 maps or so, rookie numbers /s)

24 Oct 2020

Last event was really fun and useful for us. We found some bugs, but most importantly had great fun. You can expect us hosting another event soon. :)

Now onto the more technical stuff. I have been busy most of the week, and I have upcoming exams, so I won't be able to develop as much stuff as usual, so if the next 2 updates are a bit disappointing, sorry! :person_shrugging:

This week's changes
- Fixed a bug where you could use parkour items in any world
- You can now use /lobby in KBArena (wasn't previously possible)
- /lobby is now instant and you don't have to wait 3 seconds anymore

Also we are looking for a way to fix the big hardcore parkour, since the current checkpoints system doesn't work, so expect that fixed in the next update!

30 Oct 2020

Unexpected Big Map Update

Most of the team is very busy with School and Uni, but nevertheless we still managed to get something done for this weeks update, quite a bit actually. New maps, some ChaosMurder fixes (which seems to be working now), and something cool for this evening... 


Terra - A Bedwars map settled in an abandoned mining field ( @Splinterino47 )
CoC - A Clash of Clans inspired map. ( @Splinterino47 )
Mansion - Not to be confused with the Murder Mystery map, this is a new Medium parkour course, which can now be played with all your familiar gadgets! If you are afraid of the dark, go with a friend... ( @PWalkersCrisps / PWalkersCrisps)
Pumpkin Party - A small Hide and Seek map in the depths of a Nether Party basement. ( Nattwish / @Nemo , Novies)
Previews for all of these maps can be found in #👀-work-in-progress

Other changes/news

- Added two temporary bow deposit locations to KBArena. You won't always get kills with the bow, since in theory, the arrow did the job of punching people of, not you.
- We are aware of the problems with Hide and Seek and are looking for a fix. It might take some time, since exams are coming in less than a week.
- Added a Quick Play option to ChaosMurder. Now it's pretty useless, since there is only one map, but in the future, hop into the busiest game 3 seconds after entering the lobby!
- If you like the server and would like to support us, you could consider becoming a Patron! You get a bunch of stuff, mainly ranks in Discord and the server, and recognition! Keeping the server running has a price, with monthly server bills and the team working every day to improve the server.

New video

I like to make a video occasionally, and after a week of work, I have set a time to publish the video at 19:15 CEST! I'll be there to enjoy the video with you!

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