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Статус Online
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Версия 1.15.2
Тип Survival Kit PvP Duels Races
United States
Последнее обновление03 May 2020
Дата регистрации15 Apr 2020


GreenBlock is a server with quite a few different gamemodes. There is KitPvP and Duels which are not pay to win and all kits are available from the very start. Balancing happens frequently with the kits in these modes to help keep things in check. Elytra Race is a difficult race against other playets to the finish that could lead to a few deaths in the process! Survival Multiplayer is the main mode of the server. There are Clans, Trade Shops, and bee riding! Sleeping is also customized so that only 50% of the players in the Survival Multiplayer worlds need to sleep for night to pass. There are also all new crates and an all new economy in SMP! Please file any suggestions or complaints that you have in the "suggestions" chat of the GreenBlock Discord.

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