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Тип survival Towny MCMMO Jobs Dynmap Custom Biomes Custom Items Custom Mobs Economy custom terrain
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The Beautiful Game is focused on providing an enhanced experience that stays true to the essence of Minecraft. All of the plugins we’ve chosen were with the express purpose of enhancing vanilla aspects of the game to bring out the beauty that is sometimes hidden behind its blemishes, while also adding deep and engaging gameplay elements onto the existing framework of the game.

The gameplay has been tailored to encourage playing together through the Towny plugin and incentivizes building things like public transportation, road systems, railroads, etc. Teleportation commands have fees attached to them so that alternative means of transport are not only viable, but encouraged!

We use Jobs, MCMMO, and EpicEnchants to add an economy with custom rare items that come with benefits not possible in the vanilla version of the game. Our jobs plugin is like no other, as we’ve added custom drops to each job that will allow you to craft 100% unique custom recipes that we’ve added. You’ll spawn a custom world with beautiful unique terrain and custom biomes sure to provide you with many locations for building and adventuring in.

Notable Plugins Used:

EpicTerrainGenerator - Used to generate the custom terrain you’ll be exploring

BetterRTP - Used so that you can start your adventure quickly

Deathchest Pro - Protects your items when you die for up to an hour

MCMMO - Used so that you can level up basic things that you do in game such as mining, chopping wood, gathering herbs, repair, and excavating.

MCMMO Horses - Horses now have ustom stats such as swiftness, agility, vitality and wrath. You can train your horses to increase their stats and performance.

Jobs Reborn - Used to earn money to rank up or buy/sell items from player shops. There are no server shops on this server to distort the economy or exploit.

Towny - Self explanatory, build a town with your friends and progress into a nation and try to become the best towny on the server!

GriefPrevention - Easily protect your builds with this plugin, Do note that for large projects, you will want to use towny as there is a cap on the amount of land you can claim with Grief prevention.

Pyrofishing Pro - This plugin enhances the vanilla fishing experience and lets you do special things like fly for periods of time if you catch and eat a legendary Aerofish.

Server IP:



Photo Gallery of some of our towns:


1: No griefing or stealing

2: No unprovoked PVP outside specified PVP areas.

3: No hate speech.

4: No AFK farms or exp farms

5: No hacking or duping

Patch notes from our latest update!

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The Beautiful Game Jobs Towny MCMMO (img 13416) Minecraft server | TopG
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Change Logs
13 Feb 2019

Update - Player Shops
February 13, 2019

The player shops area is now open!
To visit the shops area, simply use /warp shops and take a look around.

If you wish to build a shop, the process is fairly simple:
1) explore around, searching for a plot to fall in love with.
2) When you've found it, right click the [For Rent] sign on the plot to rent it for one week. (Right click it more times to add more weeks if you want.)
3) Start building your shop!

For shop owners
- Players may own up to 3 shops
- The height limit is up to the Y: 100 coordinate.
(If you wish to exceed either of these, ask a staff member for approval.)

To Create a shop:
How to create a shop
1.) Place a chest on the ground
2.) Place a sign on the chest, or directly above it (on a wall)
3.) Write the following on the sign ----->
Line 1 :
Line 2 : Stack size
Line 3 : B buyPrice:sellPrice S
Line 4 : Item Name

NOTE: Some of you may have issues removing the pesky [For Rent] sign after renting the shop. We're working on fixing that. Until then, just let a staff member know if it gets in the way and we can remove it for yo

28 Mar 2020

We are officially Re-launching with a new custom-generated world, renovated ranking system, and a massive haul of new updates! Tonight is our launch party, don't miss out!

Remember to join us on Discord, and find our server at

03 May 2020

- A way to contribute to the server has been added, with many fun (strictly no pay-to-win) perks. For more information on donating:
- Dozens of custom items and recipes have been implemented! These custom items can be acquired through performing normal tasks for your job. Additionally, many of these drops are unique to certain jobs. Miner, Woodcutter, Fisherman, Hunter, and Digger all have drops unique to them.
- Legendary items are now craftable! Additionally, new unique weapons, tools, and armor items have been added (including new legendaries!)
- To learn more about how to get these drops, where to find them, and how to craft custom items, visit the library below spawn (behind you when you teleport to spawn) and dig around the library through the many books that will show you the way.

- Indeed, the return of custom enchants is here! Following a rework of the enchantments, adjustments to their balancing, and some other changes, the custom enchants are back! There is a catch, however -- Only those with level 20 in the Enchanter job will be able to receive these enchantments. Additionally, your chances will improve as you increase your Enchanter level.

- Some Adjustments have been made to pets. Nothing major, just some balance changes. Additionally, the server library accessible from spawn now contains a series of books outlining all of the different pets, with information on preferred foods for each pet, how to tame them, and when they are unlocked. At least, all the pets that we know of ;). There are even rumors that one may be capable of taming the Ender Dragon, should they ascend high enough...

- Upgraded the help & staff commands
- Lucky Spins have been rebalanced

17 May 2020

This update is somewhat small, but includes some things you should be aware of.

Minecraft and Discord chats have now been linked!
As of now, the in-game general chat is visible through the #server-chat channel here in Discord for @everyone to see. Currently, @Donator s can even use the channel to talk directly to players in-game. As we familiarize ourselves with the Discord-to-Minecraft feature and how it is used, we will determine whether it is safe to expand to all players.

[Note] It may be worth changing your notifications on the #server-chat channel to "Mentions only", to avoid having your devices spammed with notifications from the in-game chat.

Fishing Update
Fishing has been the target of a large update, with plenty of features added - quests, gutting stations, fishing rod upgrades, new items, and much more! Additionally, fishing tournaments will now be run occasionally, and anyone can participate. 1st prize is $10,000! Check out /fish help to see what's new in the world of fishing.

Mob stacking
Mobs now stack with each other, with the stack size indicated by a number over their head. This is to help improve performance when multiple players are running large spawners.

20 May 2020

Important Notice - May 18, 2020

For a number of reasons, we will soon be adding a world border to the Nether. This will go into effect on Thursday, May 21st, 2020.

If you have a base in the nether that you're concerned about keeping, please go to the #nether-info channel here in the Discord and follow the instructions to see whether your base will be affected. If it is, the staff will be automatically notified and seek you out to determine what we can do to move it.

Make sure to do this on or before May 21st!

Also, stay tuned for some updates and new features in the coming days ;)

What is the server IP for Beautifulga?

The IP address of Beautifulga Minecraft server is

How to join Beautifulga server?

Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and input the text on "Server Address" then hit "Done". Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on "Join Server" button to play on Beautifulga.

What version does Beautifulga use?

Beautifulga server supports Minecraft game version: 1.15.2, you may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is Beautifulga located?

The Beautifulga server is currently hosted in United States.