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Версия 1.14.x 1.14.3 1.14.4
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United States
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 CueballCraft Rules:

1. No griefing or raiding. Don't build on other people's builds without permission. Don’t break or steal other people’s items or blocks regardless of whether it is claimed or not. You are not allowed to claim unclaimed builds (or claimed builds) that belongs to another player unless he has been inactive for 60 days on the CueballCraft server. To build, you must have the land claimed using the Gold Shovel. Don't create ugly structures (such as Cobblestone), or your things will be removed by an OP and land regenerated. Aside from this, griefing the End dimension is also not allowed. Bed Bombing can be used to a small degree in the end, for pvp and dragon slaying purpurses. A joint staff decision, or any Owner may decide whether the amount of bed bombing you’ve used it excessive, there is no exact number, so keep it minimal.


2. No cheating or hacking. Don't use x-ray texture packs or mods. Don't exploit the game mechanics to get an unfair advantage over other players, or use any exploits. Please report exploits and server bugs - do not abuse them! Any mods that provide the same effects as a hacked client are not allowed. For a list of allowed and disallowed mods please look below. Not every possible client side modification is listed, for more help ask staff.

Mods that aren't allowed: AutoBuild, AutoFish, AutoMine, AutoWalk, BowAimbot, ClickAimbot, Climb, Excavator/Nuker, FastMine, FastPlace, Flight, Freecam/NoClip, Glide, HighJump, KillAura, NoFall, NoResist/NoSlowDown, NoSwing, Speed, Sprint and Step.

Mods that ARE allowed include texture packs, chat mods, music mods, map mods (except mob and/or player radar), Optifine, and generally anything that does not cheat the game or the server. If in doubt, ask staff.


3. No building near spawn. Do not build near spawn or your builds can be unclaimed and regenerated. 


4. No trapping. Don't trick others to visit any /home or coordinates to kill them unexpectedly. This includes baiting them with items or benefits promised to them. Teleport trapping is also not allowed. Don’t tp others to traps. Don't build traps, holes or 1x1 towers meant to target players. 

Example of allowed statements (which do not count as baiting): “Come to /home blazeit for a famous 12ball pvp spot.”
Example of disallowed statements (which do count as baiting): “Come to /home blazeit for free diamonds.”

In the second case you are not allowed to kill them or hurt them. This includes having other players camp the /home intentionally so they can kill them for you.


5. No Scamming. Scamming is not allowed, so please remember that when trading, if you do not follow your end of the deal, OPs can force you to by removing your items. You might instead be temp-banned for scamming. While trading keep in mind that items dropped on the ground are pickable by other players and thus they do not count as scamming unless the other party intentionally TPs another player in to pick up the item to trick you. Remember to trade in a safe place inaccessible to other players such as /warp trade. Also remember to specify the exact item you want. Tricking players to give you items in exchange for doing something and then refusing to do it is also not allowed unless you return the items. Do not offer or announce you are giving away “free items” if you have no intention of doing so, or following through with the free items.


6. Be nice. Meanness to other players, sexism,  anti-semitism or racism is not allowed. Don't say explicit things or be distasteful. Don't make excessive, non-constructive criticism about the server. Don't disrespect or lie to the staff. Disrespecting players, cursing them and encouraging suicide is not allowed. In case of encouraging suicide you can be permanently banned. Toxic players can be muted or permanently banned. Do not swear.


7. No spam. Don't spam the same text or send messages too quickly, if you do, your messages will automatically not be shown to others. Don't talk in the chat with all capitals. Don't advertise or mention other servers, if you do, you will immediately be banned! URLs are also not allowed in the chat. The only exceptions to this rule is the posting of SkaiaCraft-related links for the purposes of helping players get to the information they are asking for. Advertisers and youtubers are not allowed to post links to their videos and/or channel without the permission of a Co-Owner or Owner. Finally please speak in english in public chat. Other languages can be spoken in a private message.


8. Don't ask for items or /op. This includes begging for items or asking for free stuff. If you want to help the community, find the link under 'Application' at the bottom of the website to apply. You can also give a donation to get /op, at 


9. Don't impersonate any staff member. You are not allowed to have similar names to staff members unless you had it first. Staff likewise are not allowed to copy player names or make names similar to them. Staff are also not allowed to change in-game passwords for anyone else.


10. No public farms. Mob-droppers, free items centers (including but not limited to: food, XP, Pigman), and overpowered trades are not allowed. Please do not set "/home public", "/accesstrust public" or "/containertrust public" in such areas. Type "/untrust public" and "/untrust <player>" to clear the trusts. Type "/home private" and "/home uninvite <player>" to clear invites. Public /home in the vicinity of any mob spawner that throws items that can be sold, are not allowed. This includes making public villager shops. In case a player makes a pay per use shop, it is up to the staff members discretion whether it is allowed or not (as some players might make it too cheap such as 1 Diamond for access to the shop). 


11. Don’t threaten to, or actually Dox or DDoS. You will be permanently banned if you threaten to Dox or DDoS someone. This also includes leaking their personal information against their wishes, unless the concerned individual shares it themselves. 


12. Do not attempt to login with another player’s account. If you are caught getting on with another player’s account, to write down their coordinates or otherwise, then you might be temporarily OR permanently banned. This includes getting on their account but not actually logging in with it.


13. Do not spawnkill. Killing people at their /homes by dropping stuff into their inventory to remove their spawn protection is not allowed unless the /home is at a public place. Camping* a player’s base repeatedly can get you TP’ed away by a staff member on request of the player. Staff members can move your base if you are repeatedly being spawn killing and harassed at your base. Do not kill new players that have joined within the last 4 hours.


*Camping is essentially just isolating the intention behind spawnkilling. If someone (including yourself) has just killed a player and you are waiting outside a player's respawn point, waiting for them to come out - this is camping. Camping is a method that people use to subvert spawn-killing. Player's will typically try to say "it's not spawn killing because I waited" - but this waiting is considered camping. The best way to avoid getting in trouble for these things is to kill a player once, and leave - they most likely don't have any items that you want on them after they've died anyway.


14. Do not debate/argue about political, religious and racial matters in public. This often leads to quite a few arguments/drama in chat. If you want to argue about such matters, please do it in a private chat.


15. No pretending to break the rules or claiming to have broken the rules. Doing so distracts staff from actual rules breakers. Saying that you cheat, can be interpreted as an admission of guilt, even if you haven't broken the rule you claim to have broken. 


16. Do not use place disallowed mobs in mob spawners. To see the list of allowed and disallowed mobs, click here. Do not use Nether Only mob spawners in locations other than the Nether.


17. Do not abuse loopholes in the rules. In this case the staff team can make a joint decision to decide what to do with the player. 


Claim management:

Land claims whose owner has not logged in for more than 60 days (determined by right-clicking with a stick), are subject to deletion and removal of the builds at the OP's discretion. This land usually applies first to land that is unused but can apply to any claims as an OP sees fit depending on the situation. As this is a common issue, it is impossible to address every claims issue on the server, but players must be aware that their land claims can be lost if they become inactive. You are not allowed to claim unclaimed builds that belong to other people. You are also not allowed to claim any build belonging to someone who has not been inactive for 60 days.In case they are inactive in both servers for 60 days then the build may be claimed unless stated otherwise by a staff member.


CueballCraft bans can checked here and appealed here.


What is the server IP for 413?

The IP address of 413 Minecraft server is

How to join 413 server?

Open the game Minecraft, click "Play" button then choose "Multiplayer" option from the menu. Click "Add Server" tab and input the text on "Server Address" then hit "Done". Once the connection is available and turns green you may click on "Join Server" button to play on 413.

What version does 413 use?

413 server supports Minecraft game version: 1.14.x, 1.14.3, 1.14.4, you may also use any other older or lower versions to connect and play.

Where is 413 located?

The 413 server is currently hosted in United States.