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Ultima Actualizare29 Jul 2020
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Here are a few of our base game changes:


Combat -2x
Crafting- 10x
Social - 5x
Jedi - 1x

· Players are permanently buffed. Doctor buffs will add a small percentage, and entertainer buffs will have additional modifiers instead of mind buffs.

· Exceptional and Legendary drops now have a 1.2 and 1.3 modifier – no more “God” weapons ruining the balance in PvP

· PvP and PvE leaderboards integrated into the website

· Shuttles always on ground, starports 2 min down, 40 seconds up

· Galaxy wide group AND guild invites

· Galaxy Harvester connected


· Armor Cap reduced from 90% to 70%

· Doctors are now crafters and buff bots. All of CM crafting moved to Doctor.

· Doctor Buffs have been modified due to the permanent buffed state. ABEC’s removed from buff pack crafting. Health and Action can be “Janta’d” and secondaries were given increased quantity to make up for no ABEC.

· Wound healing added to the War Renown Vendors.

· CM is now a combat class.

· Smuggler reworked to a combat class

· SL has been reworked

· Intimidate reduction reduced from 50% to 25%

· Working taunt added for tanking in PvE

· Adaptive DOT abilities that do increased damage in PvE

· No Mind incaps

· Healing costs Mind

· Doctor and Combat Medic Medicine Use grant decreased heal cost

· Jedi are being completely redone with a full new system. They won’t be live at the start, but we plan on having them tested and implemented in around 2 months.

· We have big plans for a BH/Visibility revamp as well that will be exciting to PvP and PvE players.

· New bunkers have been added for all levels of play across many planets, future content patches already being worked on.

· Harvesters have been worked on, scaling all the way to 130 BER with 5 lots.

· Server first badges with your name on the website for professions, theme parks, and more.

· And much, much more!

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