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Ultima Actualizare18 Jun 2020
Data inregistrarii02 Jun 2020


CAP: 40
DG: 5
CHN Mastery: 160
EU Mastery: 80
EXP Rate: x1
SP Rate: x1
Party EXP: x1.5
Alchemy: max +10 (Adv disabled)
Alchemy rate: 1x (custom)
Guild Limit: 20
Union Limit: 2
PC/IP Limit: 4
Play2Win: Yes
Job ranking through Academy: Yes
Auto events: Yes
GM Events: Yes

Consta Yes
Samarkand Yes
Hotan No
Donwhang No
Jangan No
Alexandria No
Donwhang Cave No
Jangan Cave No

Drop rates

Item drop rate: 1.5x
SoX drop rate: 1x
Elixir drop rate: 1x
Magic stone drop rate 1x
Gold 2x

EXP rates

Exp rate 1x
Party Exp rate 1.5x
Job exp rates 1x


1 / 1
Syndicate-sro (img 29425) Silkroad Online private server | TopG

Change Logs
18 Jun 2020

We are announcing our first ingame event!

The DROP rate and EXP rate is now changed to x2 until our next maintenance next week!
This will effect all items from our regular loot table and to all Characters. Have fun and good luck.
This event is limited and after the event period, all rates will be set to normal again.

The changes are NOW LIVE.

We have added a few of the 80+Cap skills, redesigned for our 40 Cap.
These skills are seen as endgame skills and the Skillpoint requirement is very high.

European endgame skills

-Holy spell
-Holy Recovery Division
-Healing Orbit
-Mana Orbit
-Howling Shout


Chinese endgame skills

-Snow Storm Ice rain
-Flame Wave Wide
-Tiger's Thunderbolt
-Celestial Protection


-We have added 4 new avatars into our Avatars NPC, go check them out :)

-You can participate to the epvpers Signature event again! Reward 200 Silk (5 Players can win). Event End: June 30th 2020
At June 30th we will announce the 5 Winners in our Discord!
How to participate:
Write a useful comment under our epvpers thread which includes our Syndicate
Signature and your ingame Character name. This event is IP limited and everyone can
only participate once!

-Due to recent reports, we will add the PayOP donation panel to our website. The PayOP panel is not available yet, but we will add it to the donation option soon.

Further patch notes
-You can now buy Arrows and Bolts at the Europeans Blacksmith in Samarkand and Constanstinople

-Arrow and Bolts can now be stacked upto 30000

-Cursed hearts can now be exchanged into skill reset potions (was bugged before)

-Cursed hearts can now be stacked up to 300

-Drug of Syndicate text file is now fixed.