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[size=3]Greetings Elitepvpers, It's the time to pack up luggage
and getting ready for the new adventure, So are you ready?[/size]

[I]"Foundation is a new project, just create to leave a sign in sro world and add more fun and memories to your playing history.[/CENTER]




[IMG=expandable: 1, float: right][/IMG]
[INDENT]We have created Foundation Online to satisfy you in your gameplay, show you a low rate server with a variety of things to do and never run out of things to do, design events that will change from time to time also to make you have fun, The main source that makes any server survive as we know how important the stability of the server and the population .Both Stability and Population belongs to each others ! If the server isn't stable none will play it and that's our priority to make it stable, Just to provide you a server which you can start the great Adventure inside.

So all before we even start working in this server, we were around looking after every advantage and disadvantage, jobbing the advantages, and find the best solution for every disadvantage we've found.
So our main target from the beginning to seek out the perfection and creating a server which just filled of the fun and enjoyment as possible as we could, also to provide you a server with :-

[*]Fair Gameplay



[INDENT][INDENT]In order to provide good quality of service to you, physical tests were started in closed beta system and many incomplete problems were eliminated. In this process, the deficiencies in the game were noted and each of them were corrected one by one v1.01 Clean Client and DB as a result of a long effort to correct all problems.It will be very interesting for our valuable players to have a perfect setting compared to other servers.In the closed beta, the drop rates and damage rates of the mobs were also tested.It was also made with pvp's to ensure equality with almost every build with our characters and tried several times.In open beta you will feel the perfect balance between characters.[/INDENT][/INDENT]

[INDENT]OPEN BETA START 01.05.2020 20:00 :handsdown::mofo:[/INDENT]

[INDENT][INDENT]You esteemed Silkroad Online Community, our server will be shared for the first time and you will be able to test it with us. In the open beta, you'll get free items, in this process we will check the mistakes that have been overlooked while you test the builds.If you encounter any problems, you can report it to us. When the open beta is completed, our game will be permanently opened and we will be sailing on a long adventure.[/INDENT][/INDENT]


After we make sure that everything going as we planned, We can finally present Foundation Online ! Wish to see y'all there in this day, our beta players will have a priority in GO, So care about being one of our beta players.[/INDENT]



[INDENT]Everyone intends to be a part of a new journey, he has to pack up his luggage, So what about someone going to take a such adventure?
Then we'll give you something to start your adventure with your start package will be :-[/INDENT]

[*]500k Stat Points
[*]10M Gold
[*]22 Reverse
[*]22 Repair Return
[*]3 inventory Pages char
[*]Grab pet for 5 days
[*]7 days Premium 5%
[*]7 days Devil 5%
[*]5k HP & MP
[*]10 Speed Scroll


[INDENT]In this section you will find a table as an abstract to our basics information and gameplay system.

Start Lv|1
Race| Chinese only
CH Mastery| 330
Solo Exp|30x
Party Exp| 35x
Item Drop Rate| 10x
Gold Drop Rate|5x
Main Town| Downhang
Fortress war|Hotan
Max Plus| 12
Battle arena| Enabled
Capture the flag| Enabled
Advanced elixirs| Enabled
Resurrection scrolls| Enabled
Academy| Enabled
Magic pop| Enabled
Auto equipment| Available ( 1 > 9 Degree )
Job temple| Available
Fellow pets| Available
Guild/Union emblem| Working
Bot| Allowed[/SIZE][/TABLE][/B]


[INDENT]In Foundation Online, Everywhere you go, you will find a lot features which will add more fun and enjoyment to your long-term journey inside the server.[/INDENT]


[INDENT]We've developed a new honor system, made a direct relation between Honor System and the JOB Trade, to be like :- [/INDENT]
[*]Traders get 2 Honor points for Thief kill
[*]Hunter get 2 Honor points for Thief kill
[*]Thiefs get 2 Honor points for Trader/Hunter kill
[INDENT]Points will be reseted every Friday at 00:00.


[INDENT]we are caring about players ranking, so we'd thought about adding additional ranking system to the well known old rankings, So we added our Players Special Rank and its about characterizing our high rank players by giving them a sign like:-

[*]Players most silk
[*]Players most Gold


[INDENT]We've edited some items' stacks to be more suitable to our gameplay mode, and to make it easier towards our players carrying their own items.[/INDENT]

Vigor 10%|1000
Gold Coins|1000
Silver Coins|1000
Bronze Coins|1000
Iron Coins|1000[/table]

Also to add the final touch to this we've removed "alchemy tablets" completely and disabled destroying items for Elemnte.


[INDENT]Item Mall is the place which contains the most precious items in Foundation Online, where you will find :-[LIST]
[*]110% Speed Scroll (1 month)
[*]Grab Pets (2 Pages)
[*]Magic Pop Cards

[IMG=expandable: 1, float: right][/IMG]

[INDENT]With Magic PoP cards, you can try your luck in winning a lot of precious things which you will find them very useful and helpful in your long-term adventure through Foundation Online. such like :-)

[*]Flags [With 9 Str - 9 Int]
[*]Devil [ 10 % ]
[*]Lucky Power [Degree 1 remove from NPCs]
[*]Luck Booster [ 3 % ]
[*]Special Job [Str 5, Int 5, 3% more speed]


[INDENT]All of us wanna more fun to enjoy it which never ends, So in Foundation we added some of automatic events to achieve the requested fun such like:-
Last Man Standing:- registered players will be teleported to a special area arranged for this event to match against each others and The 3 last man still standing wins![/INDENT]

[INDENT]That event will be hosted 3 tines a day and the reward will be :-[/INDENT]

First Place|100 Silk
Second Place|50 Silk
Third Place|25 Silk[/Table]


[INDENT]In this section we can't speak much or descripe how much we've fun with trading Trader riding their pets and moving on, on hunter caring and their conflict versus thiefs, Yup we've to care about that short story and it's much enjoyment so here is how this system will works.
[*]Trader Pets are said to have only 5 Inventory slots and for 5 goods that costs a 5* 10M.
[*]Pro trade get 40M
[*]Hunter get 20m
[*]Thiefs get 20m

[INDENT]Hunter spawn on max 5x and thiefs also on 5x the spawnen [/INDENT]

[CENTER]3 events in the early 9:00 in the afternoon 15:00 and in the evening at 20:00


[INDENT]If we just started speaking and telling our stories about the fun we've enjoyed hunting Uniques we wouldn't finish ever, all of us know that well it's very enjoyable thing to do, so we are gonna speak about our uniques system and their rewards in that section, That upcoming table will make everything clear.[/INDENT]

Tiger Girl |50% Magic pop /silk / immortal /astral +1 Unique points STR/INT +1 Magic Pop Card
Cerberus |50% Magic pop /silk / immortal /astral +1 Unique points STR/INT +1 Magic Pop Card
Captain Ivy|50% Magic pop /silk / immortal /astral +2 Unique points STR/INT +1 Magic Pop Card
Uruchi |50% Magic pop /silk / immortal /astral +2 Unique points STR/INT +1 Magic Pop Card
Isyutaru|50% Magic pop /silk / immortal /astral +3 Unique points STR/INT +1 Magic Pop Card
Lord Yarkan| 100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral +4 Unique points STR/INT +1 Magic Pop Card
Demon Shaitan|100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral
Medusa|[COLOR="darkred"]100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral / randome SOS Box / randome SOM Box
+6 Unique points STR/INT +1 Magic Pop Card[/TABLE][/CENTER]

[INDENT]Also about the others uniques you can know thier rewards from here:-

[*]Neith 100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral / Gold Coins / iron Coins / Copper Coins
[*]Selket 100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral / Gold Coins / iron Coins / Copper Coins
[*]Anubis 100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral / Gold Coins / iron Coins / Copper Coins
[*]Isis 100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral / Gold Coins / iron Coins / Copper Coins
[*]Haroeris 100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral / Gold Coins / iron Coins / Copper Coins
[*]Seth 100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral / Gold Coins / iron Coins / Copper Coins
[*]Togui Elder 100% Magic pop / silk / immortal / Astral / randome SOS Box / randome SOM Bo

[INDENT]- About "Medusa" it will appear in Amphee theater randomly. [/INDENT]


[IMG=expandable: 1, float: right][/IMG]
[INDENT]In Foundation Online you will find some Markets provide you a fast way to buy and do a lot of things, you will find our special NPCs located at Downhang where you can get from there "Foundation Quests" like Test of Faith. :-)

[INDENT]Also you can find there:- [/INDENT]

[*]Guild Penalty
[*]Job Penalty
[*]Model Switchers
[*]Silk Scrolls
[*]Stats Reset Scrolls
[*]Skills Reset Scrolls
[*]Name Changer Scrolls

[INDENT]You can see our NPCs in this gallery.[/INDENT]



[INDENT]We've cared about gears system, and end-game gear to make that system reach to the perfection close enough so we reached to :-)

[*]SOS Items can be only get from mobs Lv95[/COLOR],in addition to Samarkand mobs Lv99

[*]SOM Items, from our special NPC loacted in Downhang.


[INDENT]Finally I'm pleased to announce that there will be a lot of giveaways there for free silks as the first 100 players reach the cap will get silks, and the first lvl 100 gets 100s then always -1 so 2nd one reach Lv 100 gets 99s and the third gets 98 and so on, till the player NO 50 reach Lv100 he and all after them till the player NO 100 will get 50 Silks.

[INDENT]Finally we are going to host some special offline events on with a specia rewards such like [ Special Packs, ePins, Discord Nitros don't miss this special events on:-[/INDENT]


[INDENT]Also don't hesitate to support us using our signature, there will be a good reward for all who uses that signature, for being a part of our family just use that code :- [/INDENT]

[CENTER][SPOILER= Signature Event][code][IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG][/code][/SPOILER]

[IMG=expandable: 1][/IMG][/CENTER]

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