WoW Gollum

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Versiune 3.3.5a
Tip Joc Custom Content Battlegrounds Blizzlike Fun Realm Custom Items Custom Events
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare16 Jan 2023
Data inregistrarii16 Jan 2023


WoW Gollum

[WoTLK 3.3.5a][Increased XP][Balanced Classes][Custom Items][Custom Lore][Custom Events][Unique Game Play][Working BG][Auction House Bot][New Content Being Added Constantly]

"Armies from other worlds have invaded Azeroth and as one of our most powerful heroes, you have the responsibility to help us defend our world.

Reports from all over have come flooding in. The world leaders have abandoned us. They now rally forces against us, forcing us to fight amongst our own. Why? No one quite knows. On the day of their departure, what the people left have begun calling “the claiming day”, they acted quite strange and proceeded to leave their respective cities with haste. The few who managed to talk to them before this happened all share one thing in common in their report, and it only confuses us more. They kept murmuring the words “Precious… my precious” over and over again. Nothing else. Just my precious or The Precious."