Ring Of War

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Website ringofwar.com.tr
Discord Discord
Versiune 3.3.5
Tip Joc All Professions BG Rating SoloPlay Solo Raids All Pve Content
Locatie Turkey
Ultima Actualizare21 Feb 2023
Data inregistrarii07 Nov 2022


Ring Of War

Ring Of War is a 100x 3.3.5 PvE and PvP server unlike anything you’ve played on before.

- World scale
- Solo player can make dungeons and instances
- Login items
- Solo LFG
- 1 vs 1 Arena
- Npcbot feature
- Progressive release
- Website registration reward system
- Daily login reward, friend invite system
- boss announcer system
- Cross faction bg system
- guild house
- PVP title system
- Reward system based on game time
- Optional Death knight area passable
- Level up bonus system
- Summon all command