Twilight Downfall 5x

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Tip Joc 5x Friendly Kits Backpacks Raidable Bases Offline Protection Shop
Locatie Germany
Ultima Actualizare12 Jul 2022
Data inregistrarii12 Jul 2022


[EU] Twilight Downfall 5x server!
Wipes every first thursday of the month!

Map: Procedural 4K
Gather rate: 5x

What you can expect:
> Improved loot tables with AlphaLoot
> Raidable bases for PVE
> RP Economy service (including a shop with all items)
> All Backpack slots
> Handyman (Does AOE fixes)
> Offline raid protection
> Custom kits
> Furnice Splitter
> Quick smelt
> Quick sort
> Removal tool
> Vote to skip the night
> Higher max stacks than vanilla
> Skinbox
> Vehicle license, buy your own mini, chinook, sedan etc
> Waterbases, build your base on the water!
> Build tools to upgrade all, or build instantly with a higher tier
> Free gifts for playing, the more you play the better the gift