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Tip Joc RP PVP Zombies Active Admins Events 5x 5x Gather Friendly Community Arena Monthly Wipe
United States
Ultima Actualizare20 Apr 2021
Data inregistrarii19 Apr 2021


The Pizza Party Rust server is a half Roleplay, half Player vs Player server! With active admins and tons of fun mods, this server has something for everyone!

Watch this promotional video:

Mods installed:
πŸ• Dueling: Duel any other player to see who the ultimate fighter is.
πŸ• Events: We built a custom colosseum that has events every hour, such as Gun Game, Sniper Shootout, Deathmatch, and more!
πŸ• ZOMBIES: Zombies spawn at monuments and roam the map, and will create a horde if they get close to each other! Kill them for some valuable loot
πŸ• Diseases: Be careful not to get sick! If you are in the RP side of the map, you could get infected with a disease and may need the Doctor to help cure you.
πŸ• 5x stack size, 5x gather, 2x scrap, police cars, and some other small things

About the server
πŸ• The Pizza Party Rust server is currently open to the public. Once we get a solid group of people, we will be making it whitelist only.
πŸ• Half RP/Half PvP (split map) with lively RP already in action. Buildings do not take damage on RP side, so no need to worry about being raided in RP!
πŸ• The right half of the map is the RP side, and features fun mods and PvP zones. All monuments are PvP zones
πŸ• Reset schedule is monthly (First Thursday of every month)
πŸ• This perfectly modded server has something for everyone! Whether you like to RP, PvP, PvE, or just mess around, come join us!