GIGAMU S17 X1000

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Website Website
Versiune Season 17 OPEN 16TH JANUARY
Tip Joc Coins Ruud per Reset X1000 EXPERIENCE 25 CREDITS PER RESET 1500 CREDITS PER GR
Ultima Actualizare14 Jan 2022
Data inregistrarii10 Feb 2021


Server Info:
Version: Season 17 Part 1-3
Experience: X1000
Reset Reward: 1.000 Points + 25 Credits
Grand Reset Reward: 1.500 Credits (150 Resets, clean resets/stats)
- Play2Win CashShop (We dont sell PentaShop)
- Farm Ruud & Coins via Invasions, Quests, BOSS, Events
- New ANTILAG System that makes game faster
- New Class: Lemuria & Kundun Mephis
- MG Renewall: New Skills, New Weapon TwoHand
- Ryan Mount (Lion Blue & Gold)
- Mastery Penta & Ertell
- 4th Earring Evolution (Blood)
- Vote Reward System
- Receive Ruud Playing
- Receive Coins Playing
- Play2win GameStyle (We Dont Sell Items!)


Epic MU gives you exciting MMORPG with x100 experience. The server is using the latest version 16 of the game including class heroes , events , maps , quest , items and features.

The maps are full of spot of  monster , all classes are unlocked so you can create your favorite hero. play with us and see ya in game xD

Grind Ruud from All bosses and events

Grind Wcoin by doing RESETs and Grand reset

Gamble to moss to get exciting prize 

new level of seed max level 20

challenging new and high maps

high new maps

Red Icarus 

arnel temple

Race to the top 

new update gun crasher set - manticore set

new mounts dragon and ice dragon

new bk skill and shield 

vote rewards by credits

new socket pendants 

boss time and location

game donation

the server is created and maintained by professional developer with passion in game. the server machines are located in a specialized datacenter which guarantees 100%  uptime and lag-free and cheat/hack free active admins any problems will be solved by admins. admin moderator are committed by helping and guiding  player to experience the game at its full potential,every effort must be made in bringing prompt service and in improving the quality of the game, admin are to respond to players needs in a polite and professional manner.