Ancient Moon

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IP Server
Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune 1.20.x
Tip Joc Faction Survival
Locatie Argentina
Ultima Actualizare27 Jun 2023
Data inregistrarii02 Oct 2022


Bedrock port: 25575
Technical Survival, aimed at a balance of vanilla or even higher difficulty, but with expanded gameplay so that the possibilities to explore and the ways to play are not easily exhausted, without falling into the simple placebos of reward boxes and OP items ( broken), but a calibrated concept close to the RPG. There is a lot... (see Basic Guides). The policy of the server is oriented to the constant update to the latest versions as far as possible, and in a democratization of the goals and changes of the server through voting, in addition to the fact that the rank advantages will never have to do with the PayToWin type . If the Server cancels a world or the Server itself, we promise to upload the world(s) to a downloadable link so that everyone can freely access full possession of it and its productions. The seed is free to be seen by whoever wants. There will be a world of “resources”, which will be erased and regenerate a random one monthly, to farm anything without the problem of predation, looting and extinction of resources as well as ships, treasures, mansions, etc… New worlds will open up if needed, and players will be able to conquer and interconnect them through custom portals. Rules: Absolute freedom to create alliances or adversaries. The only limit will be the protection blocks. You can be a hero or a villain, anything goes, but racist, insulting or toxic issues are prohibited. We will actively promote the protection of architectural and landscape production.