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IP Server
Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune 1.17.1
Tip Joc Multiplayer Survival SMP Economy Balanced Economy Giveaways
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare06 Aug 2022
Data inregistrarii05 Aug 2022


Welcome to Survicraft
An amazing minecraft server where you and your friends can play on our public server! The server is for the minecraft version "1.17.1" and it uses no mods. This is a Spigot-based server, meaning it has great performance and addons. We have many features, such as:
1. Random teleportation
2. An amazing spawn
3. Ranks, which you can buy with real money or in-game currency.
4. 24/7 uptime (coming soon)
5. /shop and /sellgui.
6. Claiming system.
7. Every 10 minutes you are on the server, you gain money.
8. /minions shop - Minions (example: diamond minion, cactus minion, enderman minion, etc)
Server Address: