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Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune 1.12.x 1.19.x 1.16.x 1.20.x
Tip Joc City AutoRank Bounties Brewery Buycraft Economy Crates Jail School Gangs
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare18 Jul 2023
Data inregistrarii08 Feb 2022


DeepCities - City Roleplay Server - Live The Dream


Server IP:

Bedrock IP and Port: Port: 25562

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Twitter Page:


This server is a city roleplay type of server with things such as Economy, Bounties, PvP, Creative, and more!

We have Rentable Apartments, Buyable houses, Creative World, Wild world, Cities and City World(s), PvP, Bank, Jail/Police, School, Economy, Guns, Vehicles, Crates, Donor Perks, Jobs, OP Armor, Gangs, Chat Game(s), Alcohol, Drugs, NPC's, Custom Items, SlimeFun, Fishing Competitions, Farming, a Giant Community Mine, Warps, Bank Robbery, Auctions/Auction House, and so much more!

Versions: 1.12 through 1.20.x