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Discord Discord
IP Server
Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune 1.17.1
Tip Joc Towny Economy Spigot Survival war
Ultima Actualizare18 Nov 2021
Data inregistrarii15 Nov 2021



INTRODUCTION MultiverCivs is a 1.17.1 civilization server focused on roleplay and worldbuilding, letting players create characters, towns, nations, etc, and interact with others by making stories, alliances and enemies together. In the world of Azrane the possibilities are endless but do be aware that "show, don't tell" is a core concept here. Even though we're not about "survival of the fittest", only your actions will determine if you will succeed or fail in achieving greatness. Many players have came and went, many nations have risen and fallen. Even if your civilization doesn't become the greatest in history or your name doesn't becomes legend, do know that no efforts are undermined. No history will be forgotten.

MAIN FEATURES Geopolitics: You are free to make and govern your nation as you wish, and allies and enemies will come and go because of your decisions. Unlike in a factions server, not all nations are at each other's throats and war is not inevitable. Peace and cooperation is not only possible, it's recommended when beginning. Server Wiki: Not only can players create wiki pages for their characters, towns and nations, anything significant that might happen like wars, conflicts, treaties, coups and events can also be made. Both players and staff work on expanding and maintaining the wiki so no story is forgotten. Player Driven Server: Unlike most servers, players can change about anything they want if other players support the change. You can propose and vote in favor or against changes to the server at any time, as things are (mostly) not set in stone. Free to Play, Free to Win: Our ranks are given by how much you play in the server as rewards for your time and dedication. The server doesn't have crates or keys or rewards for voting or supporting that would give them an advantage over anyone else. However, there is a donation rank; Supporter. This rank offers No Pay-2-Win advantages whatsoever.

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