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IP Server
Website play.wpg-minecraft.xyz
Discord Discord
Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune Latest 1.19
Tip Joc World pvp pve plotworld creative new factions minigames
Locatie United States
Ultima Actualizare10 Sep 2022
Data inregistrarii24 Jul 2021


UPDATE! We replaced Plots server with Lifesteal server. Fresh new lifesteal server as of 9/10

Hey, Thanks for reading this section. I just made a 1.19.1 server. It is open for anyone to join at this moment. But hope we can whitelist the server once we get filled up. At this point the server is still being built. I am looking for roles to be filled in. Such as builders, Admins, and Mod. Want to join? Join us and join our discord for more info. Message Ninjas Dynasty for any questions you may have.

What does our server have so far?

1. Hub - A lobby where you can warp to other servers. It also has minigames like reward system, Easter eggs to gain more dust, and parkour.

2. Server 1 is Minigames - Bedrock users crashes on this. but not java. your fine.

3. Server 2 Survival PVP - Has full economy system, Jobs, quests, bounties, lottery, banks, Auction house and more!

4. Plots - Open creative world with PS6

5. Skyblocks

6. Factions - Not open yet. until server gets a major upgrade

Will there be a PVE world? Yes. PVE is to come once i can save up for a major upgrade in server performance. Will survival ever have factions? As of right now im not sure. i would like to have factions yes. but idk what people will like just yet. Ill leave that in a vote on discord soon.

Im a streamer. Can i stream on the server?

Yes - We would love anyone who streams to stream the server. We has that when streaming please put our IP or name of our server in your stream title to help us grow more. It creates traffic for both us and you. Please make sure you let Ninjas Dynasty know that your a streamer as well. This way if you do stream our server he can add your stream to discord to help advertise you as well. And meet the requirements as a streamer for him to keep you advertised.

Please Note: Admins, Builders, and Mods must be the age 18 and older. Staff Must have Discord and Mics.