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Website Website
Discord Discord
IP Server
Status Online
Ultima Verificare14 minutes 9 seconds ago
Versiune 1.17.1
Tip Joc Lore Survival
Ultima Actualizare20 Dec 2021
Data inregistrarii22 Feb 2021


Notice: This server is not for everyone. Expect pings and sudden bans.

LoreCraft is a micromanaged loreplay community server presented by Yukila, where we roleplay as we are, if you want to become someone you shall create it.

These lands are created from love and friendship.

Its foundation is "The Lorean Ways of Life" written to spread respect among its playerbase. The core gameplay of the server is its dynamic changes. Everything changes in the world from time to time due to the continuous development provided.

A new player who enters Lore Island must earn the respect of its inhabitant. You can join us but we require you to earn your place within the lands of Lore.

We will banish you from Lore in your first day if you talk trash to our old players. This is our house, if you want to live in it, earn your rights to talk trash. The Lorean people is very welcoming to new players but the environment isn't.

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