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Discord Discord
IP Server
Status Online
Ultima Verificare29 minutes 58 seconds ago
Versiune 1.16.x 1.17.x
Tip Joc 4Fun Active Custom world top Adventure Land Claim Vanilla Survival BungeeCord Slimefun
Ultima Actualizare01 Oct 2021
Data inregistrarii26 Sep 2020


Unicord Network Servers:

- Slime Society (New Slimefun, Vanilla, Bedwars, Skyguns)
- Luna Dovah (Survival)
- NeonLight (New Survival)


- [USA & Canada] us.unicord.org
- [EU] play.unicord.org
- [Bedrock USA & Canada] us.bedrock.unicord.org
- [Bedrock EU] bedrock.unicord.org

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Change Logs
16 Sep 2021

Unicord. Better Together.

In the past, Unicord was known as Slime Society. This has changed! We opened our doors to other server owners looking for a powerful, yet affordable host and still offer server positions in our network. We currently consist of 4 owners, managing servers under 3 sub-names. Unicord harbours Slime Society, Luna Dovah and JustPlay, each party bringing their very own ideas, which makes it incredibly easy for a lot of players to find their favorite. The times of having to sort through a ton of different IP's is over! We combined multiple servers under one bungee - and it works out wonderfully! We at Unicord believe that everything is better when you work together. And it's proving itself right.


Slimefun returns!

Just yesterday, 09/15/2021 Slime Society opened an additional server in the Unicord Network: Slimefun!

Let's launch!

JustPlay, our Italian friend, also launched yesterday with a booming amount of enthusiasm.