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Website Website
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Status Unknown
Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled
Versiune 1.16.5
Tip Joc Bending Avatar MCMMO PvE PvP Mythicmobs Custom Bosses Creative Skyblock Space
United States
Ultima Actualizare20 Apr 2021
Data inregistrarii19 Feb 2020




Apex is a newly created network with a few options to choose from. With a fully custom Bending server loosely based around Avatar: The Last Airbender, a creative server to build to your wildest dreams, and a brand new gamemode called SpaceBlock! We have a multitude of things to do, including:

* PvP- Take on the role of a bender or astronaut and show off your moves to your friends and enemies! Keep in mind that your friends could turn on you! ;)

* PvE- Use your element and take it for the ultimate test. The custom mob bosses in Bending were created by the staff and based around the actual villains from the Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show. Ones you may have heard of, ones you may have not! Each drop custom loot and specialized cosmetics. Are you ready?

* Kingdoms- Not feeling the PvP or PvE element? Hop on over to the survival world in Bending and create your own kingdom! With a massive world, use bending to defend against enemies, play with friends, protect your land and explore new territories.

* Cosmetics- With over 100 cosmetic items to choose from (and more to come!), you can either purchase them with our online store or you can earn them by killing bosses.

* Marketplace- You have the option to head over to our Market and purchase new abilities and items with in-game currency, just hang out by the Cabbage Man (but don’t mess with his cabbages!), check out the Blacksmith and Alchemy shops, or perhaps visit Iroh in the Jasmine Dragon.

* Bending Tournaments Weekly- Within Bending, there are bending tournaments in which anyone can participate to show off their skills, have fun, and win prizes. Great fun for everyone involved!

* Updates and Responsive Admins- Updates happen frequently to improve the server’s capabilities, from new types of Bending to evening out the playing ground. The Admins are always ready to fix problems and add in members’ ideas in any way that they can.

* SpaceBlock- The Classic game of SkyBlock becomes expanded, but not just in any way. Take your adventures to Outer Space, with jetpacks and spacesuits. Travel your way through the infinite expanse of the unknown to survive.

* Creative- Are you tired of mining and crafting? Well why not join the creative world? Focused on relaxing and having a fun time building, rather than the usual survival mode, creative allows you to enjoy the more, well, creative aspects of the game! **COMING BACK SOON**

* Many more features planned and more to come!

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