L2Aden 23.06

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Website l2aden.pl
Versiune C6
Tip Joc Classic
Locatie Greenland
Ultima Actualizare18 Jun 2023
Data inregistrarii29 Jan 2023


The server has a system of auto-selection of prey and auto-learning of skills, each player is assigned a noble skill.

You can buy a class from any old knight in the city of the world Aden. 1st class costs 1 Shiny Adena, 2nd class costs 5, third 500. Subclass can be taken without completing the quest.

When creating a clan, he is immediately given level 8! Global Chat! Shiny Adena drop from champions (3%)!

There is a system for the automatic use of potions, .acp. You can get a reward for voting by using the .vote command. Shift + Click check drop. Shop .offline

Each character has 24 slots for buffs, the server has a full buff with a duration of 2 hours.

    Otherwise, the server is completely classic, all boss spawns are according to the official server.