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Website wyb.lt
Discord Discord
Versiune H5
Tip Joc Classic GM Shop Nolag Low Rate Global GK Multiproff NPC Buffer Offline Shop Pvp Pve
Locatie Lithuania
Ultima Actualizare24 Aug 2021
Data inregistrarii24 Aug 2021


Hello there dear players, I want to introduce you Watch Your Back (wyB) Lineage 2 High Five version server witch custom systems.
What you can find in our server :

Community Board System , whats in it :

  • Events (10 events) for more fun ingame
  • Teleports to all towns
  • Shop - where you can buy everything what you need
  • Raid Bosses - shows if they are alive, where they are, all info about them and Epic Bosses
  • Drop Info - if your not finding item or monster you can search here
  • Buffer - Buffer for you, you can even create a custom buffer
  • Services - where you can find eveything from warehouse, blacksmith, symbols, subclasses and so on
  • Help - all voice commands witch can be typed in chat like .online witch shows how much players are online
  • Statistics - Shows all tops, like pk, pvp, online and so on
  • Server Info - All info about server.

Vip Level System :

  • You can level up your vip level just by killing monsters, what gives vip level? more atributes like exp bonus, sp bonus, adena bonus and so on.
  • More level you have , better rewards you can get.
  • Every new month Vip levels restarts.

Rebirth Service :

  • You can reborn at 85 lvl and become 1 lvl but with more atributes and be more stronger after every reborn.

Multiproffesion System :

  • You can get every other class skill for SP to build ultimate class

Auto Farm System :

  • Its like bot system when you can farm beeing afk.
  • This system supports 5 modes : Fighers classes, Archer Classes, Mage classess, Support classes and Summoners classes
  • You can try every day only for 3 hours this system
  • For premium players this system is free
  • But if your not a premium player you can buy it with Coin of Luck, witch can be rewarded from Vip Levels