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Betting on sports is a great opportunity to make quick and easy money, on the one hand. On the other hand, when betting, it is easy to lose all the money invested. Betting with the possibility of winning and the risk of losing your investment is called betting.

In betting, there are always two parties - one makes a bet, the other accepts it. Most often betting is accepted by bookmakers, but this is not an axiom. Wagers can also be made between the players, without intermediaries. This happens on the betting exchange.

The bettor, that is, the one who bets (no matter whether on a sporting event, the winner of the Oscars or the outcome of a music competition), chooses an event, makes a bet and in case of a correct prediction receives a reward. The amount of winnings is the product of the bet amount by the odds.

It would seem that what could be easier: you bet, you get the money. But this approach would lead to the loss of all savings. In reality, only a responsible and hard-working bettor can actually earn by betting. Sports, music, movies, even KVN - nowadays you can bet on any event up to the presidential elections, but to win you need to understand the chosen field.

To win in a single sports bet it is necessary to study the composition of teams, the statistics of previous matches, the ratings of players and teams. It is necessary to develop a personal strategy or use an existing one, make your own predictions, take a risk and wait for the result.

The amount of winnings is limited only by a player's who download Betvisa app and his financial possibilities and the ability to correctly predict the outcome of an event.

Where do I start? Betting begins with finding a suitable bookmaker. It is important to understand that for betting you should choose only those bookmakers who work legally! Registration on such sites is more complicated, because it is necessary to verify - that is, to confirm your identity. But you will be confident in the safety of the game.

Bookmaker's offices and betting exchanges earn on each deal; they have a certain margin from each bet.

For any outcome of any sporting event in the line of a bookmaker's office has its own odds. Some betting shops put out all the odds themselves, having their own staff of analysts, while others simply buy a ready-made line.

Each odds is the probability of a particular outcome and also contains a margin bookmaker with which he has the basic income.

For example, if the probability of the outcome is 50 percent or 0.5, the odds are 2. But in reality, the odds with a probability of outcome of 50 percent will never have a value of 2 because the bookmaker will always include a margin and reduce the value, for example, to 1.95.

You can start earning from betting by following a few rules:

It is necessary to find a suitable office. Check the license, read reviews and make sure the bookmaker is not on the "black lists".

To register on the site, indicating all the necessary data.

Carefully study the rules and regulations of the office. No two bookmaker's offices are the same - study the terms carefully!

Deposit money into your account. At the beginning it is better to deposit small amounts, because losses are inevitable during the learning process.

Carefully choose events for betting, picking those where you can predict the outcome with high probability.

At the beginning it is better to bet on single matches or events where the outcome can be easily predicted. For example, to bet on the matches of famous clubs. It is necessary to study a team's successes, at least its position in the standings and the results of recent matches. The accuracy of the prediction directly depends on the analysis of the collected data. An important aspect - how to withdraw from the site. Study it before you register!

Consider betting only as a hobby, not as a source of main income! Betting always involves a big risk of losing money. Even using the most proven strategies, it is possible to lose. To minimize the risk, you have to follow a few rules:


Do not bet if you are not sure about the event;


Consider all possible types of bets, choose the least risky bets;


Learn popular betting strategies;


analyze the statistics of each event, this will increase the probability of your success in creating a Parlay;


Do not bet large sums in the hope of winning back your investment and increasing it; the betting amount must be such that you do not regret to lose it;


follow the news; remember: the more information you have about an event, the more likely your predictions will be correct;


Intuition fails - don't trust your gut, it might deceive you in the most crucial moment;


if the odds are small, you can risk a bigger sum;


Any event with high odds has a lower probability, so you should not risk large sums;


● any high odds events are less likely to occur, so it is not necessary to risk large sums; ● betting can be made more profitable if you keep an eye on bonuses and discounts from bookmakers;


● trust, but verify: any predictions, free or paid, should be checked by yourself.

Bookmakers' offices are developing and improving. It is necessary to be aware of updates, to follow the changes in the rules and conditions, in order to correct the strategy in time.

You should not identify betting and investment. The world of betting is associated with a lot of risk. In the case of sporting events, the probability of making money is 50%: the team or player will either win or lose. There are bets where the probability of winning is higher, but the risk is the same.

A mouthpiece is not the same as a mouthpiece. Not everyone who calls himself that way can predict the outcome of an event with a high degree of probability. Therefore, you should not entrust third parties to manage your account, without verifying their integrity and competence. Beware of fraudsters.

There are professional sports analysts among famous brokers, but there are also cheaters, and the latter are in the majority. Playing at someone else's expense for your own pleasure is the main goal of addicts of a

There is no such thing as a "match-fixing game": in sports it is impossible to predict the outcome of a match with 100% accuracy. The term "match-fixing" was invented by unscrupulous analysts to make it easier to get income from gullible bettors.

Betting is an occupation for persistent, hardworking and pedantic people capable of processing a large amount of information. This type of activity requires a sober mind, an analytical frame of mind, and the ability to keep emotions under control. Careful preparation and self-analysis will create the conditions for successful betting.

A beginner, one way or another, faces the question of legality of his hobby: betting is a game of chance, after all.

Legitimate betting companies in Russia are relatively few, and a complete list can be found on the website of ECUIPIS - an organization that regulates their activities and monitors the legality of operations.

In order to verify the legality of a bookmaker, it is necessary to check whether he meets the requirements:

Official sites of legal bookmakers are located on the domain .ru or .rf. If you see any other domain (.com, .net, .org and others), you can be sure - the bookmaker is illegal in Russia (the exceptions here are BK Olymp and Tennisi, they operate on the .bet domain, as well as BK Zenit, which uses the .win domain).

A legal bookmaker must have a license to organize and conduct gambling activities in bookmaker offices and totalizators.

In legal bookmakers, in addition to registration it is necessary to verify the identity, that is, to provide the bookmaker with your passport data. Often it is done online or in the branch of one of the company's clubs. Only adult citizens of the Russian Federation can work with legal betting companies.

Working with legal betting companies, the bettor must pay 13% of the winnings as tax. Moreover, despite the initial skepticism of players, it has more positive sides, because in fact the tax is a kind of bettor's payment for the safety and transparency of financial transactions.