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Versiune Episode 29
Tip Joc Mid Rate
Locatie Singapore
Ultima Actualizare11 Oct 2022
Data inregistrarii11 Oct 2022


**CABAL AUOM Online Server details**
- ***uWuu!***

Max Level 200
Auto Max Level 200
Character Rank 20
Starting Honor Rank 12
Auto Transcender
With Complete Runes 1 Level 1
Fully organized Skills Quick Slots, Full Mastery & Passive
Quad Amp +20 Palladium Set Starting Items
Standard Free Accessories
Force Wing Buff Level 1 Activation
SOLO PACK [7 Days] Full Yul Accessories

100% Medium Rates
NO Customised and Unbalanced Items
Anti-Ddos Protection
24/7 Running Server with Monitoring
Customs Extensions and Features
Singapore Hosting Location
Overpower Dedicated Host
Discord Ecoin Giveaway Events Weekly
Our very own detailed Dungeon Entry descriptions
Dungeons to Ecoin Farming Style
Buy Scrolls & Extenders via ALZ
Daily Mission for Wexp/ALZ/Ecoin Farming Style
Last Map ALZ Farming maximize
RMT Allowed
End Gear Pirate Metal
Farmable demonite Gears in Dungeon using Freeset
Exciting Yul Item Exchanges
Essence Rune 30/30 Slot
Blended Rune 10/10 Slot
PA / PD Macro System Enabled
Upgradable items up to +20
Minesta Belts Crafting
100% Success rate on Professional Craft Level 9
Newest Costumes Available
Costum Pets Available
Costum Assorted Wings Available

Weekly Ecoin Rewards Activated
Distribution of Stats
AP / DP Bank up to 10K
Unbinding / Binding Stone Available
Battle Pass Activation
Playtime Event Activated
Webshop Of Ingame Items Available
And more

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