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SpartanMC is a well established minecraft network that strives to give you an excellent experience with all our members in mind. We want to give our players a unique and enjoyable time. We want to make a great community where all can have fun and talk among each other! We are hosted in the US with 24/7 dedicated hosting and no lag! Why not come and see what you're missing out on and join one of our many servers! We strive to be unique. The moment you join the network, you become a Spartan!

Spartans never die!

What servers do we have?

Our survival server is a little bit unique as it has towns in a separate world where you can create or join a town at anytime! Towns make the community a bit more enjoyable if you get bored "surviving" in the challenging world where mobs are armored up and stronger than normal. Also, we have a resource/hardcore world where you enter at your own risk. The mobs in this world are much stronger than the default world, however the resources are much more abundant. Beware!

Our pvp server is constantly changing. Trying to find a unique and enjoyable way to make factions and pvp coincide together. With unique leveling and kit systems, the choice is yours, whether you want to pvp or grow your faction up! We want to leave it to you guys on what you want to do, immediately pvp or grow and militarize your faction!

Our skyblock will be changing in order to make it more enjoyable and to give more perks to those who play and donate! We will be incorporating more quests/achievements and possibly a harder world or island build to make it more difficult.

Our creative always has such a great community with everyone wanting to roleplay, build and have just a great time together! We will be changing some things and adding new perks in the near future will will make it much more enjoyable! Please, look forward to it.

Our kitpvp will be having a massive rework in the play style, it will be based around custom enchants or abilities with armor you level up as you kill people! New perks and ideas coming soon! Will be a great and unique server!


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