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Welcome to Noobania!

We are a primarily SMP server catering to folks of all ages looking for a relaxing place to call home. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and mature, each with experience moderating and/or administrating multiple servers, complemented by a skilled build team. Our server has most commands you'd expect from a lightly modified vanilla server in 2018 (rephrase with term, /home, /tp, etc.) and several other simple quality of life improvements. We also have rewards available daily, as well as for voting for us.

Coming Soon (updating constantly): an IKEA-like shop where players can purchase pre-made houses, trees, farms &whatever you can think of!

Features and commands available to the public

-Warp hub Access the multiverse with our warp hub
  /warp hub
  request a warp to your very own town

-Survival world A standard generated world, but custom biomes are being made for players who don't want to live in an average minecraft environment. Players can be approved to have custom terrain created for their homes.
  /Back, /Sethome, /RTP, /Mcmmo, /Jobs, /Trade, /Rankup, /Vote, /PVP, /LWC
  Ability to personally disable Phantoms
  Ability to sit on stair blocks
  Ability to Enable/Disable PVP
  Ability to trade without getting scammed using /Trade
  Chests lock automatically using /LWC
  Voting on all 3 advertised websites daily will give you an item's chest key*
  Rollbacks will be done in response to griefing
  Holding an item and typing {i} will show the item to everyone in chat

-Parkour/PVP world A custom world with over 30 individual parkour courses, 2 PVP arena's and 1 Hide-N-Seek mansion.
  /Warp Rocketpower

-Shops world Admin and Player-owned shops
  /Warp shops
  Fly enabled
  Right click a buy sign to purchase a shop plot, no staff required

-Server Events Events give player's an opportunity to connect with the community and win rewards.
  Weekend events
  Build Battle's, Hide-N-Seek, Parkour and more events
  Prizes always given out to participants

-Plot World A world to test your creative abilities. Currently doesn't exist until the plugin is updated, but we have a flat creative world in its place for now.
  /Warp FlatCreative

-Dungeon World Coming Soon Custom built dungeons with unique mobs. This is an alternative to mining giving the players the mats they need without having to do it the old fashioned way.

-Exciting ranks with unique perks Ranks are a fun way to stay active on the server. The better the rank the better the perks. Ranks are tied to our Discord.
  Rank information located at spawn  

*-Item chests Item chests give out various rewards including unique and unobtainable items.
  /Warp Crates

Our rules are simple:
- No griefing.
- No advertising.
- While swearing is perfectly fine, we do not tolerate racism, homophobia, or rudeness directed at other players.

Chat with us on Discord. Feel free to contact any staff on Discord if you have any questions regarding the server setings/plugins.


ColorTube OTF Font by Ivan Filipov is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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