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Harta Evo City v33x 50K începe. Suntem un server semi-serios RP cu raiduri bancare care urmăresc formarea poliției și mult mai mult | Ne place să ne distrăm Cu toate acestea.

Change Logs
24 May 2016

  • Food mod
  • Chefs (Great way to earn legal money
  • hunger system
  • Farming
  • farmer job
  • optimization
  • breaching charges for SWAT
  • fuel for cars ( realistic system trucks use more gas and the faster you go the faster you burn

You can't have ANY past bans for the following: Mass RDMs/Mass Prop Blocking/Extreme Disrespect
1. You must have a mic.
2. You must play at least 6 hours in game before applying or you will be instantly denied.
3. Must be 16+ to apply. NO EXCEPTIONS
4. If you were denied the you must wait 1 week to reapply. If you reapply sooner then you will be instantly denied and will have to wait 2 weeks. There are some exceptions.