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acest lucru este ZFTRP în prezent sortează 1 sau 2 lucruri pe care le-am adăugat recent, însă acest lucru nu ar trebui să dureze mai mult de 2 zile. aici este un cod secret secret pentru prima persoană care a citit acest lucru și a juca pentru gratuit privaturi tip donator în chat apoi...

Change Logs
26 May 2016

fixed the bugs that where made because of the new teams system.


also added the smuggling system, testing and optimization is in proggress.

if the server is down then its either being fixed or under other maintenance or tests.

29 May 2016

fixed multiple bugs

added new addons

added new jobs and models



( next item )

more XP printers

30 May 2016

we are currently having troubles wih our hud and f4 menu

we have enabled the default darkrp f4 and hud untill we fix it.


09 Jun 2016

we are sorry to say that we are enduring some unexpected downtime due to the server host and a supposed "electrical fault".


as soon as we get the server back up expect to have 2 new items:


bitcoin miners

the new HUD

12 Jun 2016

change log:


added lots of jobs

added bitcoin miners

added more entites back

added 1 car dealer ( more on the way )

added statues to perma prop

added government HQ perma props ( mostly )

added shipments

fixed shipments

added rest of shipments

fixed shipment box errors

fixed random shutdowns 

fixed and updated all anti cheat and admin tools

fixed and updated all commands

tested all !menu ulx commands

re added staff ranks

remaking staff abilities



to do:

more jobs

more shipments

more entities

more vehicles

more car dealers

re add of the levels system ( remastering for more connection to in game )

re adding the level system printers ( going to replace the old ones solely )

fixing up and editing levels and level printers

editing the story line of the server ( since new map AKA capital )

fixes to the addons for stability and clean gameplay




12 Jun 2016

sorry for any loss of addition to gameplay since we have had to remake all the server files.

this is due to our old host GTSgaming not having a good enough service.



they lacked many things from terrible support to bad uptimes.


anyway, we are working as fast as we can to get the server to a point that we think is finished.

even then we will still roll out updates every month or two.

anyway thanks for reading and see you in game 


Pinkman - owner

staff member
currently we are low on staff and especially active staff, we need this fixed. we need the minimum of 4 moderators which 2 NEED to be active, 2 admins of which 1 MUST be active and also we need a head moderator who needs to be active at least a couple times a week.

skills needed: level headed decision making, ability to try and see from the other person perspective, non bias.

remember to use the template when applying.

we need someone to make videos for YouTube to show people our development process and to show what we are doing to help the community. this will need to be high quality videos and at request. we will give a discount for donator at first and also give your channel a shout out. after a certain amount of helping you will be able to gain a free donator rank and we will also post links into our discord which is visited by even people who don't play.

remember to read the template on the forums.