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Tip Joc 5x Gather Anti Cheat Custom
United States
Ultima Actualizare02 Aug 2020
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Get Oxidated is a video game network that aims to provide game servers to the gaming community, allowing them to access quality content in a regulated positive atmosphere.

We currently have a 5X server that has the current features with more to come; kits, banks, and custom plugins on the way.

Join our discord and become part of a brand new community that wants to change the industry.

⦿ Server Name: [US] Get Oxidated {Rust} | 5X | Kits | Custom Mods
⦿ Server IP:
⦿ Direct Connect: steam://connect/
⦿ Location: US Dallas Texas
⦿ Map Size: 4.000
⦿ Player Slot: 200
⦿ Sunday Wipes 12:00 PM EST
| Features |
⦿ 5x Resource Gather
⦿ Max Player Per Group: [5]
⦿ Trading
⦿ Teleporting / Homes
⦿ Custom Loot Tables
⦿ Custom Plugin Development
⦿ Quick Smelting 5x
⦿ 50% Faster Crafting
⦿ Map Wipe [weekly]
⦿ BP Wipe [bi-weekly]
⦿ Bank Wipe [monthly]