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Ultima VerificareMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Tip Joc custom map
United States
Ultima Actualizare07 Jul 2020
Data inregistrarii07 Jul 2020


Globocide Gaming Custom Maps
Vanilla gameplay No Decay Noob Friendly
wiped July 2nd 2020 map
Next wipe Aug 6th 2020 map & bp
Basics: Monthly map, Bi-Monthly BP, No Decay

1: Don't be a shithead
Trash talking is generally tolerated but if another player asks you to stop, do it.
Don't be an asshole to other players. There are a lot of other Rust servers, if you want to be an asshole go somewhere else.

When raiding, Don’t be a douche and destroy boxes or any other deployables you don’t need to.
Raiding the same person over and over without them attempting to raid you back or other such harassment is not acceptable, and could result in a ban.
Do not Grief another player or groups base.
Do not lock up another player or groups base after your raid is over. When you finish booming, and you have taken all the loot you want, let the owner have their base back.

if you have to log off your raid is over, don't lock the base down to finish it later, you should have been better prepared.

General douchebaggery or disruption of the server will result in a kick or ban at the Admins discretion
2. Don't be a racist shithead
3. Don't be a homophobic shithead
see previous 3 rules again, don't be a shithead

VAC/Game bans are not allowed. Period


If you join the discord let them know you saw Day's advertisemtent for the server!