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Welcome to the Saturn modded Rust server offering a fun gameplay and a good Rust experience with a friendly community. We have plugins that doesn't overtake the survival aspects of the game and yet provide a fun playing experience.

WIPE CYCLE: Building - bimonthly | Blueprint - monthly

Nights: 2 minutes

The only rule is to respect the team size of the server. The maximum amount of players on a team is 3. If you want to trade, there is the Outpost and the Bandit Camp for that. If we see you with more than 3 people (sleepers or online) both you and your teammates will be banned.
We have a Discord server were you can talk to the community and have fun:

Sulfur Rate: x3
Scrap Rate: x3
Ressources Rates: x3

Plugins: Quick Smelt, Time of Day, Stack Size Controller, Recycle Manager, Gather Manager, Furnace Splitter, Crafting Controller, Magic Loot

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