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Tip Joc 3x Gather Active Admin Airdrops Friendly Mods PVP Set Home Wipe Every 2 Weeks Voteday Skinbox
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Come join one of the newest and most fun Rust communities on a perfectly modded 3x Rust Server.  Come for a visit and stay for the fun and fair gameplay!  Procedural maps on forced wipe and custom map mid-month.  Clan owned adult server with adult admins, but all are welcome.

Bi-Weekly Map Wipe / Monthly BP wipe (Thursdays)
3x Gather Rate
3x Stack Size
Instant Craft

Skinbox - Access to item skins
Quick Smelt, Furnace Splitter, and Recycler
Teleport Home, Town, and Players
Clans, Automatic Authorization, and Blueprint Sharing
Raiding and base takeovers are allowed, but no base blocking or base griefing please.
Vote day to skip night, and air drops are perfectly modded for 3x
Backpacks expanded, Parachute, LootBouncer, and Powerless Turrets

To find our server, go into modded tab and type in:  XI 3x or you can go into F1 console and connect directly to our ip :         connect

We are a relatively new 3x server and the population is growing.   We have been as high as 20 in the past few weeks.  We have a lot of friendly and helpful players on and active adult admins.  Please join us and visit our YouTube channel.  Constructive feedback is more than welcome!

Our YouTube Channel “Please Subscribe”:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAbuUKtfOtZwqtXCgeMZsBg

Our website:  https://www.xtremeidiots.com