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United States
Ultima Actualizare28 Feb 2020
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Hello, this is an aphmau based minigame and mainly roleplay server, please read the desc for more info.

We also do have a discord, here it is.


If you need any help with anything please talk to the mods or the players on it, we also do have a custom texture pack you can download in the discord aswell if you want to join the server to get an even better experience. 

Please enjoy yourself.


Hello there, and welcome to a roleplay server desired by quite a few roleplayers, this is an aphmau based roleplay server featuring minigames played by her and some of the few maps shes used for roleplays, and hey if you don't wanna rp on one of the maps we do have plots for you all to claim and make your own builds, maybe even try out for builder :), while it is unfinished we are making it accessible to all for feedback and newcomers to help build it up further, and once we get donations through the leet app we may be able to add more server slots so friends of others may join address is BC58589.pocket.pe port is 58589 all are welcome please have fun.

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